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Game Museum Open House!

The Digital Game Museum has moved to its first brick and mortar location, and we're having an Open House this weekend, August 10, from 1-5PM.  Stop by and play some games with non-traditional gameplay, meet our team of stalwart volunteers, tell us what events and activities you'd like to see us do in the coming year, and Meet Master Chief.  It's a small space, mostly for office use and collections storage, but we have one small exhibit set up.  The address is 3553 Ryder Street, Santa Clara, but if you Google Map that, you'll end up in the wrong place.  Google Map "Digital Game Museum," and that's in the right location, the intersection of Gordon and Ryder, next to TCQ Computer.  Look for the logo.  Come by and let's talk about games and museums!

Sewing Machines

If you own an older sewing machine (even a much older machine), the place to take it for service is http://www.saveoursewing.com/, S..O.S. Machines, as in Save Our Sewing Machines, in Los Gatos.  Can there be a sewing machine whisperer?  If so, it's Nathan, who owns and operates this shop.  I just got my vintage machine back from him after the tension adjustment fell out following an inept rebuild by another company.  It now runs better than it ever has, the stitch line is dead straight, the pressure foot handles almost anything, and the tension is divine.  I have a lot of experience working with vintage machines of all sorts but just didn't want to tackle this myself (no time or interest), so I can tell when someone knows his business, and I don't think there is anything Nathan doesn't know about sewing machines.  I can't recommend him highly enough.  He will also work on site.  If you're debating trading in your old machine for something new, don't, because new ones are all plastic and the old ones are built to last.  And see him if you need an upgrade - or a downgrade.  When I picked up mine, there was a woman getting rid of her fancy computerized Viking and getting a lovely 1960's Emdeko. 
No, I don't get a cut.  ;)  I just know what a pain it is to find someone competent when you need a service, so here's my discovery of the year.  Who's your favorite service person?

Cab to SFO

I need to be at SFO at 5:30 am (or a bit before) in a week or so. Is there a particularly good cab company for this sort of thing? Super shuttle wanted to pick me up before 3:30 am -- not interested in that!

Dining opinions needed!

Cafe Yulong was my preferred place for meeting with old friends and hanging out over a decent and inexpensive meal.  But where to go now that they've closed?  We tried a well recommended Thai resuaurant and been disappoiinted (noisy, more expensive, tiny portions.)  The "Mediterranean" restaurant - much more expensive, tinier portions, overcooked meat - was worse.  

So where's your favorite MV or Sunnyvale spot for casual, good food on a tight budget?  A place that doesn't get bent out of shape if you use the table for a long time (when they aren't busy, of course).  Chinese would be the first choice, but at his point I'll try anything.  Except Sunny Bowl, which is an insult to Korean food.  Also, feel free to tell me where we should NOT go!

cat sitter in Mountain View

Looking for a cat sitter in Mountain View. Will need 2-3 visits between October 3rd-8th. No medication, just basic food, water, & litter box cleaning, with affection given at the cat's discretion. Will pay going rates, whatever they may be. Any recommendations?
6/20/2012 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Sunnyvale Public Library, 665 W. Olive Ave.
Al is a charming speaker, and this is a great talk, worth hearing.  He has some fascinating (to me, anyway) photos of the first Pong cabinet, and there are some stories about Steve Jobs and about the Atari hot tub, if he can be induced to tell them.  It's free, too!

K-Pop at Google?

I realize that this is probably a lost cause, but if anyone has a spare ticket to the Google K-Pop concert, I will be your slave for life if I can have it.  Well, gotta try, right?  Anyone know how to get one?  Ah, my heart is broken. 

vet for older cat?

Dear pet owners & cat people,

I'm seeking recommendations for vets for an older cat. The cat in question is what one might kindly call opinionated, so I'm hoping for a vet with a magic touch that melts away obstreperous cat anxieties & fierceness. A clinic that has evening/weekend hours is a plus.



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